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Anniversary Memory Book

1/12/2018 9:52:39 AM

One of the wonderful life events to celebrate is a wedding anniversary, and LifeBio has the perfect way to mark the occasion!  One of the many story templates available with an online LifeBio account is the Love Story, which allows the writer to tell all about the special moments they have shared with their significant other.


The Love Story template offers a number of questions to guide you through your love journey, from how you and your significant other met to your wedding day to how you complement each other.  You will be able to share memories of special places, prayers or devotions that mean a lot to your relationship, and advice to future generations about love.


After typing your story into the text boxes under the questions and adding pictures to illustrate your love story, you will be able to print a beautiful compiled copy of your story, or order a leather bound version as a lovely keepsake to celebrate your anniversary!

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