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LifeBio's "Faith Journal"

1/18/2018 1:50:36 PM

Another of LifeBio's many physical memory books is the Faith Journal, which allows people to document the things that matter the most to them in their faith journey.  It can even be used to bring together multiple generations to discuss their faith and topics surrounding it.  Grandparents can use this book to have meaningful discussions with their grandchildren; elderly members of churches can have discussions with teenagers in the youth group.  There are so many possibilities for churches, retirement communities, and families to use this journal!


Some of the topics covered in the Faith Journal include favorite scriptures or Bible verses, the influence of others on your faith journey, the journey to become a follower, and the impact of faith on your own life.  Also, according to the store listing on LifeBio's website, "The Faith Journal closes with a template for creating an ethical will, a heartfelt letter to younger generations. One of the most important things that older loved ones can pass on to younger generations is an understanding of the Christian faith and this Faith Journal was designed to make that possible."


A review of the Faith Journal can be read here.

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