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LifeBio's "Story of My Treasures" Memory Book

1/18/2018 3:13:46 PM

When parents or grandparents are in the process of moving from their homes, that is a great opportunity to hear all about the treasures and mementos they have collected over their lifetimes.  That is where LifeBio's The Story of My Treasures memory book comes in to help!


Story of My Treasures is a 48-page paperback book, which includes amble space to document the tales behind yours or your loved one's most beloved treasures.  The book has space for the stories of 30 treasures, including a spot to put a picture of each item you are writing about.


Each of your treasures has a story behind it, and this memory book gives you the chance to document those stories for your family, friends, and generations to come.

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