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LifeBio's "The Great Story & Your Story"

1/18/2018 2:24:34 PM

The Great Story & Your Story: Connecting the Bible to Everyday Lives is a unique journal offered by LifeBio.  Unlike other memory journals in the LifeBio store, this one also serves as a Bible study guide.  It was co-written by LifeBio founder Beth Sanders and Dr. Richard Morgan, a retired pastor and professor.


This journal offers a 12-week format that can be used individually or in an inter-generational group setting.  Each week, there is another Bible scripture to study and contemplate.  According to the description in the LifeBio store, "The book then challenges the group participants to delve into their own life experiences, lessons, joys, and struggles to find their own connection to the Great Story....It provides creative ideas for closing the class by celebrating the participant’s stories in the small group and/or in church worship."


Also included in the journal is a Leader's Guide, Heartfelt Letter (Ethical Will) template, and a template for you to write your full Faith Story.

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