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LifeBio's "Veteran's Story Guide"

1/18/2018 2:29:43 PM

Do you have a loved one who has served in the military?  LifeBio's Veteran's Story Guide memory book makes it easy to document the story of the veteran in your life, be that a parent, grandparent, sibling, or friend.


The 33-page book contains 40 questions, as well as additional space for additional memories, memorabilia, or pictures.  The military questions posed in the book cover time and locations served, bootcamp experiences, medals and experiences, and friendships, among other topics.  Much like the other memory books offered through LifeBio, the Veteran's Story Guide also touches on family, growing up, adult experiences outside the military, and life lessons.


The Veteran's Story Guide is also available in a template through an online LifeBio account, for those who would like to type up their story after writing it down.

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