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Memorial Books and Celebrations of Life

1/18/2018 1:29:21 PM

At a Celebration of Life, it is common to see displays of pictures and other physical mementos of your loved one, but wouldn’t it also be nice to include their memories in their own words?  This is one of the many benefits of memorial books, which you can begin compiling long before the end of a life.


Memory books are a great way to help your loved one write down their memories to be used in a Celebration of Life, and also to be treasured by future generations of your family.  The memory books offered through LifeBio’s online store contain a number of prompts – from those centering around a veteran’s stories to those about life as a whole – that may be useful when putting together a memorial.


Start putting the memories of your loved one into a book today!  It’s never too early, and the book can be used in the future for a Celebration of Life!

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