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Memory Books: What are They?

1/12/2018 10:51:45 AM

Simply put, memory books are physical copies of yours or your loved one's memories and life history.  They are a way to assemble a version of an autobiography or memoir and they give future generations something to remember you by.


The memory books that are offered by LifeBio consist of a collection of questions that help inspire the memories that you or your loved ones hold dear.  Several of the memory books also have online counterparts, so after writing your answers in the print book, you can also type those same answers into the online templates to get a lovely autobiography you can put your own pictures into.


But why are memory books important?


As our parents and grandparents age, documenting their memories and your family history is important. No one else will be able to share those beloved family stories with you the way they can, and they might know more about your ancestry than you realize.


Likewise, if you start your own memory book, you will have treasured memories and the family history that you know to pass on to future generations.  The life lessons that memory books can contain are invaluable to the generations you will one day leave behind.



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