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Palliative Care and Hospice: Nothing to be Afraid Of

8/3/2018 2:14:11 PM

Palliative Care and Hospice both help Caregivers when their loved ones are seriously ill.  As a result, some people hear “palliative” and “hospice” and get scared. However, though these services are often confused, they are different and life enhancing. Here’s what you should know.


Palliative Care can be given to anyone with a serious illness at any point in the disease process, regardless of their age or the stage of the disease.  Many people struggling with cancer, MS, congestive heart failure, COPD, kidney disease, Parkinson’s, and many other diagnoses receive palliative care to improve the outcome of the treatment they receive so that they can better manage stress and symptoms and live fuller lives.


Hospice Care is essentially Palliative Care for the terminally ill. A patient is referred to hospice when life expectancy is six months or less. However, that does not necessarily mean that the person is actively dying. Someone may be re-evaluated and may continue in hospice care for some time. The focus of hospice care is on comfort and treating symptoms rather than trying to cure disease, but generally a patient can choose whether or not to stop taking medications. Additionally, services are provided to help patients deal with end of life concerns and planning. 


If Palliative Care or Hospice is suggested, do take advantage of the help these programs can offer. The end of life is a very special and important time. It is essential that individuals find closure for themselves.



LifeBio can help you and yours during this time.  Our Life Story program is a simple way to provide closure with reminiscence and record memories with your loved ones before it is too late.



Amber Dennis is a staff writer and personal biographer for LifeBio, where she helps record personal histories.  Before working for LifeBio, Amber worked for a number of years in customer service, and also worked in nursing homes and home care as an STNA.  She holds a BA in History from Otterbein University.

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