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Photo Memory Book

1/12/2018 11:58:06 AM

“A picture says a thousand words,” as the saying goes.  Many people have pictures from throughout their whole lives — boxes upon boxes (or computer files upon computer files) of baby, school, family, and holiday photos.  And each one of these pictures inevitably can be linked to a memory or two.


This is where LifeBio comes in.  Compiling these treasured family photos into a memory book can be a project that is fun for parents and children — or grandparents and grandchildren — to work on together.  The user friendly story templates available through LifeBio’s online accounts make a project such as this even easier.  Simply upload your treasured pictures into the safe media gallery provided with your account, resize or edit them as desired, and place them into whichever story template you wish to use!


In the end, you will have a lovely memory book illustrated with your own personal photos that you and later generations in your family can enjoy for years to come.

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