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Dementia and Cognitive Training

1/9/2018 3:30:12 PM

An article published on June 26, 2017 by the International Business Times ("Dementia in Old Age Can Be Prevented By Cognitive Training, Report Says"), outlines a recent report that was released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine which details that cognitive training could help prevent dementia.


"A report published Sunday by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) said there is evidence, although "inconclusive," to support that increased physical exercise, controlling blood pressure and some form of cognitive brain training might reduce mental decline in old age and prevent cognitive decline and dementia.


'Cognitive training, blood pressure management for people with hypertension, and increased physical activity all show modest but inconclusive evidence that they can help prevent cognitive decline and dementia, but there is insufficient evidence to support a public health campaign encouraging their adoption,' the report stated."


In regards to cognitive training specifically, the report detailed that this could include programs "aimed at enhancing reasoning and problem solving, memory, and speed of processing, to delay or slow age-related cognitive decline. May or may not be computer-based."


Cognitive training through reminiscence therapy is something that LifeBio believes in whole-heartedly, which is why we work closely with many senior living facilities and memory care programs.  The reminiscence therapy can be used one-on-one, through a family member or volunteer interviewing the senior and documenting their answers, or as a social senior activity, through participation in a LifeBio 101 class.  Both options result in a book for the senior and their family.


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