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LifeBio and Music Therapy: "A Lovely Pairing"

1/12/2018 12:07:45 PM

Board Certified Music Therapist Natalie Spencer of Moorings Park found that she was having challenges coming up with ideas to stimulate meaningful conversation with some of her participants during their sessions.  She mentioned this to the Director of Wellness, Celeste Lynch, who suggested that Natalie consider using LifeBio's Reminiscence Therapy program with her Music Therapy sessions. 


Natalie shares:


“LifeBio and Music Therapy have been a lovely pairing!  Together, LifeBio and Music Therapy are not only providing needed cognitive stimulation and healthy socialization opportunities, but also allowing opportunities for success and pride in accomplishments.  Using the music to validate shared memories and experiences has proven to be really poignant. Sometimes hearing an old song will elicit memories that the person hasn't thought of or had the chance to share for a long time.


The way that the LifeBio booklet is laid out makes life review and reminiscence very straight-forward and simple, which pairs quite well with Music Therapy for cognitive stimulation and maintenance of memory. I have started using the LifeBio booklet with three independent living residents at Moorings Park so far and everyone seems to be enjoying the process! I think it will be an extra special treat once we finish our sessions and they are able to have a finished copy of their life story; it's a beautiful way to validate experiences, and adding the music for additional stimulation and support has worked beautifully!"


We here at LifeBio are so honored and humbled by this beautiful statement.  It is such a privilege to us to help individuals and communities SHARE WHAT MATTERS MOST.


Are you ready to tell YOUR story?  Interested in learning more about using LifeBio for your family or in a community setting?  Contact us!





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