CareTalk Service

LifeBio CareTalk is a phone service that offers conversation and social engagement. LifeBio works to improve health and wellbeing by reducing loneliness, a major health risk found to be equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  

LifeBio CareTalk's service is an outgrowth of our extensive experience interviewing seniors by phone to capture their unique and amazing life stories. When visiting with a person, we may utilize the power of someone's own memories and experiences as excellent topics of discussion.  We may also expect a free-flowing conversation, based on the person's thoughts that day. 

Due to many factors, 1 in 3 seniors are facing loneliness and feeling isolated. By providing friendly visits by phone, we hope to positively support seniors and their families.  

We are currently testing this pilot service. Therefore, it will be available only to organizations with a license agreement with LifeBio and with limited hours initially. People ages 50 and older are welcome to get in touch from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET. Please contact the CareTalk Team at this toll-free number...


LifeBio's CareTalk service is also available to care providers (senior living, hospice, hospitals, home care, etc.) and payers who would like to provide this as a service for patients, caregivers, and clients. If interested, please call 937-303-4576 to reach our staff to learn more and to request a proposal for the NEW CareTalk option from LifeBio. 




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