Marketing Advantages with LifeBio


LifeBio is a key approach to support your organization's marketing efforts. It is natural for people, as they reach advanced age, to enjoy reminiscing and telling and sharing their life stories. Perhaps you can recall seniors who have deeply touched your life---with the power of their own stories and memories. 

Also, families that your organization serve are usually quite interested in having assistance in capturing and recording a parent or grandparent's priceless information to preserve a lasting legacy. 

As you share your organization's mission, you may find that your commitment to person-centered care or patient-centered care is a common theme. A person's UNIQUE life story is certainly something that is person centered and shows your commitment to knowing each individual as a whole person.  Going one step further, the life story and background is vital information when caring for someone who has memory challenges or needs other forms of assistance. 

Knowing their past background and interests may assist in daily interactions, conversations, and provide ways to bring personal comfort and joy. Every person is unique and every story is worth knowing.      



Becoming a LifeBio Authorized Organization sets you apart from the competition and helps increase occupancy or referrals.  LifeBio would be an approach you share as a differentiator on your organization's website. Provide brochures to prospective clients, residents, or patients (and their family members). They have the option to type, handwrite, or even be interviewed by phone using LifeBio's system.  A LifeBio Authorized Organization Certificate can be prominently displayed to share during tours. Deliver on brand promises by knowing the individualized stories. 





LifeBio provides content marketing by honoring people by sharing their life stories with the community at large. Every person has a story to tell! These are true and amazing stories of people living into their 70s, 80s, or 90s!  Facebook, for example, has the ability to reach thousands of people, in a targeted manner, to attract them to your community or organization using the power of your own client, resident, or patient life stories. Your people make your community amazing! 



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