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ENGAGE and Use Reminiscence Therapy to Capture Life Stories


LifeBio helps people of all ages to ENGAGE in a meaningful and positive way. LifeBio's reminiscence therapy approach is used in a variety of settings such as senior living, wellness centers, memory care communities, long-term care, home care, hospice & palliative care, hospitals, and cancer centers. Research finds that LifeBio has a statistically-significant positive impact on happiness and satisfaction with life. 

LifeBio’s holistic approach starts with gathering a deep knowledge of the whole person—exploring the people, times, and places that make each individual unique.  LifeBio also supports wellness goals, increases intergenerational opportunities for deep connection, reduces loneliness and isolation, and helps each person create a lasting legacy for the next generation.


LifeBio provides both “high tech” and “no tech” solutions to complement your organization’s needs. Annually-billed or monthly-billed subscriptions include licensing for, journals, engagement tools, and Getting Started Training. You'll also have the ongoing support of LifeBio's Story Team, a gifted group of writers and editors, who ensure quality as Life Story Booklets and Life Story Summaries are created for residents, patients, or clients.  Call 1-866-LIFEBIO (1-866-543-3246) today!  





LifeBio serves thousands of people in the United States and around the world.

LifeBio serves thousands of people in the United States and around the world.

Research in Senior Care & Health


Use the power of natural storytelling and reminiscence therapy to promote wellbeing. Iowa State University found there was a statistically-significant increase in happiness and satisfaction with life when using the LifeBio process with individuals over age 65.  Studies and projects with LifeBio are underway in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic and at the University of Alabama. Because LifeBio increases purpose and meaning, there is great potential for a lowering of overall health care costs while improving health outcomes.

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LifeBio for Marketing & Person-Centered Care


Every person’s story is unique and getting to know each individual will set your organization apart in an increasingly competitive marketplace. LifeBio helps communities and organizations to deliver on brand promises to individualize service and to achieve excellence in person-centered care (supporting Medicare requirements too).

LifeBio provides both an online system and physical journals to gather the life story of amazing, unique individuals.’ The “About Me” process gathers the essentials that describe this unique individual while the longer Life Stories or Biography area allows an individual to "dig in" more deeply to share their powerful memories.  Reminiscence therapy is effectively used with seniors.  

Using software with text and photos uploaded, participants will typically receive a printed Life Story Booklet and, in most cases, a one-page Life Story Summary. Direct care staff will benefit from a deep knowledge of the whole person and a quick read.

LifeBio schedules “Getting Started Training” with your organization and provides ongoing support and training.  We also provide materials that are used in small group discussions (“What’s Your Story?” activity using Story Cards) or curriculum is available for a LifeBio 101 six, eight, or 12-week course.  LifeBio’s Life Story Journal, Life Story Guide, or Veteran’s Story Guide are excellent physical booklets for gathering the stories of a lifetime, and the information can then be transferred to as well.

LifeBio provides presentation materials and brochures to present the program to your community or organization. Seniors and their family members are invited to participate and create a fascinating story without difficulty or delay. 

LifeBio serves these types of organizations…

  • Senior Living
    1. Independent Living
    2. Assisted Living
    3. Memory Care
    4. Skilled Nursing/Health Care Centers
  • Hospice & Palliative Care
  • Hospitals
  • Home Health & Home Care
  • Veterans Organizations
  • Adult Day Programs
  • Senior Centers
  • Health Insurers/Payers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Estate Attorneys
  • & More!

LifeBio for Memory Care


LifeBio is an essential reminiscence therapy approach to use with those who have memory challenges, tapping into the power of software to create a Life Story Booklet and 1-page Life Story Summary.  The summaries are routinely posted or displayed so that staff, family, and volunteers can quickly read more about this amazing person's background, likes and dislikes, and conversation topic ideas.  

LifeBio records key details to support person-centered care goals.  LifeBio works with your organization’s staff to determine the best ways to engage residents, clients, or patients as much as possible.  Family members or other loved ones can provide stories and memories to assist a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia. The LifeBio program builds relationships and a strong sense of community. Reminiscence therapy for dementia is essential and useful---both the person and his or her family can help share more. 

MemoryBio is a special tool make it easier for care partners to share stories and conversations together using beautiful pictures and simple questions. The goal is engagement and meaningful connections. MemoryBio is an excellent way to redirect people, creating comfort and calm that comes from deep knowledge of the whole person.

How Pricing Works for Organizations


LifeBio licenses your organization and you become a LifeBio Authorized Organization.  This includes training, ongoing support, software access, and assistance with the creation of Life Story Booklets and Life Story Summaries.  LifeBio bases our agreements on the number of individuals served by your organization and the levels of care offered.  LifeBio can also modify agreements based on what services you wish to have.   Please request more information by clicking the button below and we will send you a custom proposal.

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