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I Met Elvis Presley!

8/29/2016 10:28:24 AM, LifeBio Stories

“I attended Findlay Senior High School, and I became the editor of the school paper. My whole journalism class traveled to New York City for a newspaper conference, and we also went to the Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey CBS Stage Show. Elvis was making one of his early TV appearances on Saint Patrick’s Day 1956.


Peg, Lynn, and I went behind the building to the stage door before Elvis’s concert; we wanted to arrange an interview. Just as we got to the stage door a taxi pulled up and Elvis got out! I said, “I think that’s him!” I had never seen Elvis before so I wasn’t sure. One of the girls asked him, “Are you Elvis?” With a deep Southern and sexy voice, he answered, “Why sure, baby.” One of the girls said, “Could we take a picture of you?” I shoved my camera at Lynn and she took a picture.


I said to Elvis, “We want to interview you for our school paper.” Elvis said, “You’ll have to get with my manager.” We spoke to Colonel Parker, and he said to come back to the stage door after the show. “No matter what you hear, don’t leave,” the Colonel told us. My two friends and I left our seats early and waited outside the stage door in the cold. Three times they said, “Elvis has left the theater.” But we kept waiting and waiting with five other girls. Finally, the door opened and Colonel Parker let us inside the stage door for our interview. Elvis was joking around with us a lot. One of my questions was, “Do you think your popularity will last?” He said, “Probably not, but I’m gonna get on the gravy train while it’s goin’ by.”


We went back to our high school and wrote the story for our April 1, 1956 edition of the school newspaper. Everyone believed us even though it was April Fool’s Day. We sold about 50 pictures at school for a dime each. That was my fifteen minutes of fame.”


– Sally, Findlay, Ohio


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