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My favorite pet was our family cow!

3/7/2017 12:35:40 PM, LifeBio Stories


"Our Guernsey herd was such an integral part of our life… they were like family! We took them to all the local fairs: Urbana, London, Hilliard (which is Franklin County), the Ohio State Fair, and two or three others.


This was in 1965, and we had a world record milk producer, Mayflowers L Duchess. Each time she was milked, the weights were measured, and these measurements were kept.



When she reached the point of achieving the world record, we had a big party for her out at the barn! People from the American Guernsey Breeder’s Association came and it was a huge production. She was a beautiful cow, and she made us famous in the Guernsey business."


Alice F, Ohio


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