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Sisters AND Friends!

3/21/2017 2:29:07 PM, LifeBio Stories

"I was the youngest of five children – four girls and one boy – with my brother Charles being right in the middle! My two older sisters and Charles were too old to be my playmates, but my sister, Mary, and I played together often.  One game we liked was to hide small objects around the house. One day, we hid a thimble in my mother's ear! She had hair that covered it. Thankfully, our parents were very tolerant of everything we did – more so than I would have been!



Mother was always very loving to me, and my dad was a man with a good work ethic who made friends easily. My parents died within five weeks of each other; my mother was 82 and my father was 81.


Mary and I played with other kids in the neighborhood on the west end of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. We played Hide ‘n Seek in the neighborhood, and gathered under the streetlight. We didn’t have a radio or a T.V. or even go to the movies, so I read a lot. I loved reading books in a series – The Bobbsey Twins and Mary Jane books were particular favorites of mine!


Birthdays were always special even though we didn't have much money. Mom would always make me a birthday cake. I didn't have big parties; I just had a few close friends come over. Even so, I always looked forward to my birthday!"


Katherine G., Ohio


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