How is LifeBio organized?

The Biography has four sections that can be completed. These sections are:

  • The People who Shaped You
  • Memories of Growing Up
  • The Real World of Adulthood
  • Bringing it all Together (Life Lessons, Values, and More) The Stories area of LifeBio provides you with a number of shorter templates to help record shorter life stories or to use when recording life events, with a series of prompting questions within each. You can use LifeBio to record your own AND your loved ones' life stories. You can also create a freeform Journal inside LifeBio or upload your own documents under the Archive area of LifeBio. The Media Gallery is one place that stores all photos, videos, audio, and other formats for safe keeping.

Do all of the questions show up in my LifeBio, even if I don't answer that question?

Only the questions that you answer show up in the ready-to-print document that the system generates. The story only shows what YOU want it to show---for maximum flexibility. You even have the power to edit questions (see yellow feather/pencil to the right of the questions). You can see your work and print anytime---just click on Print Preview. Only the questions you answer will also show up in a hardcover Legacy Book, if you choose to order one later.

How long will it take me to complete LifeBio?

It varies from person to person. We've had people answer all 250+ questions and ask for MORE--they were having so much fun! Once you get started, more memories and stories will come to mind so you'll have plenty of information to add. Choose to answer 200+ questions--which could take a few weeks or months depending on your pace. For those with a Lifetime Membership, you'll love knowing you can keep coming back even through the years and adding more to your LifeBio. At first, we suggest you work on LifeBio just 30 minutes a day. It's also a joy to have new conversations with family members as you ask a LifeBio question and fill in the blanks! A minor investment of your time leads to a priceless family legacy!

What are examples of questions that will be asked in LifeBio's Biography Template?

  • Your Mother: How would you describe your mother to someone who had never met her?
  • Family Fun, Vacations, and Celebrations as a Child: What is your most memorable vacation with your family as a young person?
  • High School and Teenage Years: What were your most memorable experiences from high school? (Think about your first date, school dances, first time you drove a car to school, band, chorus, clubs, projects, school plays, talent shows, sports, etc.)
  • Children and Parenthood: What is the hardest part of being a parent?
  • Beliefs: Do you have a motto that you live by? This could be something you think of that gets you through good times and bad times.
  • Opinions: What was the best time of your life? Why?

Can I do a LifeBio for someone who has already passed away?

Yes. After you have become a LifeBio member, you can choose to create a Story (click into the STORY area) called Remembering a Loved One---this is a wonderful place to honor and share what matters.

Can I preview my LifeBio before it is completed and anyone else sees it?

While you are working on your Biography or Autobiography, you can always select the Print Preview button to view your work before anyone else sees it, or print a copy from your own computer. After you are satisfied with your writings, you can then provide your Member ID and Password to your loved ones. Remember that you don't have to answer all the questions--answer what you feel comfortable answering.

What if I forgot my password or login id?

You can click on the Forget Password? link, enter your email, and your information will be automatically emailed to you. If you have any trouble just call 1-866-LIFEBIO or 937-303-4576 or email

How can I be sure that the data I am typing in will be safe?

LifeBio is committed to protecting our clients' privacy. When ordering products, you should see the Lock icon, usually located in the bottom corner of your browser, this means that the information is being transmitted though a Secure Socket Layer. The web address also shows HTTPS in the address. The LifeBio database, with your information stored, is backed up frequently at multiple locations. Families have commented that it is good to know that their most priceless family stories and photos will not be lost or forgotten because they are stored at

If I decide to have my Legacy Book ordered and printed someday, can I still come back and re-edit my LifeBio on the web?

Yes. After you complete the LifeBio Order Form to order the LifeBio Legacy Book, your LifeBio will have the data captured at that time (what you've entered so far). The book will then be manufactured with the text as you wrote it. Your online LifeBio is available to you for more editing or additions (as long as your membership is not expired). Questions? Call 937-303-4576 or email

Can you give me some pointers on writing my LifeBio?


  • Get started. Don’t worry about spelling—just write! (By the way, LifeBio does offer spell check right in the fields where you enter your answers.)
  • Paint a picture with words. Include as many details as possible by thinking about all your senses and feelings from a certain time or place. For example, "The dog jumped out the window and ran across the yard behind the church!” is not as interesting as “Our pet beagle, Peanuts, whose red leash was tied to the emergency parking break, somehow managed to squeeze through the Chevy station wagon’s barely-open window leaving just her leash behind. With her ears flapping and her mouth yelping, she raced passed the 2nd grade Bible school class playing behind the church. The kids squealed in delight as they left the sandbox to chase our crazy beagle."
  • Never underestimate the power of your own life experiences. There is no one else like YOU. There is no one else like your parents or grandparents--and their stories matter to you too! You may ask yourself what others will learn about you from your “average” life. Tell them how much it cost for you to buy bread as a child; tell them about rationing during the war; tell them about how it felt to drive a ’57 Chevy; tell them about building a treehouse. Maybe you aren’t a famous person but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have joys and challenges from life to share. This information is interesting to them now and it will be even more interesting when they share it with your great-great grandchildren someday.

How do I see a a larger view of the picture I uploaded?

Yes! You just click on the onscreen image and new window will pop up with your picture in it.

What types of images can be uploaded?

Yes! Currently you can use .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, .bmp, and .png files. For best results, we recommend using .jpg/.jpeg or .gif files.

How can I change my password, my guest password, or what if my email address changes?

Yes! You can access your Member Password, Guest Password, and Email Address in the Profile section. Once logged in, you can update any or all of these online immediately.

How do I see the various bios I have created for myself and my friends and family?

Notice the red "My Files" button on the screen. This brings you back to the main page to see any Biographies, Stories, Journals, or more you have created inside your LifeBio account. You may find that you want to switch from working on your mother's story to working on your grandfather's story or your own. Just go to My Files to switch from one to the other.

Does LifeBio help with editing my bio if I need help with that later?

Yes! LifeBio does offer editing services (spelling and grammar check, suggestions for improving the wording) for an hourly fee. You can contact us for an estimate by emailing or call 1-866-LIFEBIO or 937-303-4576. LifeBio will also help you prepare for printing a hardcover Legacy Book---if you'd like another set of eyes to read through the bio before you place your online book order.

How long do I have before I am logged out?

LifeBio will automatically log you out after about one hour of inactivity. Activity is defined as saving answers to questions or going to a different section or subsection.

Does LifeBio autosave? What if I forget to hit the save button?

If you click on another question (such as moving from letter a to letter b, or moving from number 1 to number 2), LifeBio autosaves for you. It also periodically saves even if you have stayed in the same question. We work hard to ensure your answers are safe and that's why autosave helps!

How can I add photos to my LifeBio?

It's easy! Let's say your are in a question about your childhood home and you want to add a picture of it. Within that question about your home, click on "Add Photo" which is a green button that appears above the answer box. Follow the onscreen prompts on how to add the photo.

What browser types and versions are supported? currently supports Internet Explorer (Edge) and the most recent versions of other popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and Safari.

What product do I need?

A Lifetime, Annual, or Monthly web membership offers you access to LifeBio's 200+ question template to create a full Biography---complete with a table of contents, page numbers, ability to add thousands of photos, and more. The Membership also has the ability to create short STORIES such as a Baby Story, a Love Story, a Veterans Story, Stories and Memories (just a collection of stories for someone's birthday let's say), Remembering a Loved One, a Family Story (great for family reunions), and more. All of these stories have a series of questions just geared perfectly to that topic. The Memory Journal contains the same 250+ questions as The Memory Journal is useful for people who would rather write than type their answers. At some point, you or your family may want to transfer the answers from the Memory Journal to to create a hardbound Legacy Book edition of your own or a loved one's life story. The LifeBio staff can also assist with typing and formatting, for an additional charge, enabling you to create a lasting keepsake.

When is the site offline for maintenance?

At LifeBio, we work hard to minimize service interruptions to keep things running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From time to time, there are server patches and hardware maintenance that requires a reboot. We perform any maintenance that require service interruptions between 8am and 12pm EST on Sundays.