LifeBio provides a creative, meaningful way for volunteers to interact with patients, improving patient life satisfaction while increasing volunteer hours.

LifeBio, a HIPAA-compliant company, will train volunteers to create a patient’s life story.

The LifeBio Memory app or a LifeBio Journal can be used for recording the story without delay. 

Watch the new voice-recording life story app in action!

Volunteers meet with and interview the patient using life story questions provided by LifeBio. Once the story is complete, the volunteer enters the story (and pictures, if available) into the patient’s secure account on LifeBio’s website or by uploading through the app. The finished Life Story Book is given to the patient and/or family as a gift from your organization.

In hospice, LifeBio is a seamless process that increases volunteer hours per patient and sets your organization apart from competitors. 

  • Quick and simple online training for volunteers and staff
  • Online/App Access (for voice recording) or About Me Journal (or veteran-focused journal) with guiding questions for volunteers to capture patients’ life stories
  • LifeBio Story Team quickly handles editing, printing, & shipping
  • Printed Life Story Book for patient with secure online access -- printed Life Story Book and/or voice recordings are stored online as a lasting LEGACY

LifeBio is a meaningful engagement process that increases volunteer hours in hospice organizations.

LifeBio offers custom license agreements, which include materials, training, and ongoing support. We are happy to provide you with more information, a sample pack, or a custom quote.

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