Because Story Belongs in Care

Knowing the individual leads to excellence in person-centered care and memory care. LifeBio’s reminiscence therapy methods are evidence based and widely used in health care and senior living.


Life Story Innovation with LifeBio Memory

This groundbreaking, HIPAA-compliant life story app records experiences, care preferences, and gives each person a VOICE in his or her own care. Request info for your health care or senior living organization today!

LifeBio Memory

MyHello Phone Visits

A powerful service that promotes feelings of connection. Reach Medicare and Medicaid members or others most in need of a friendly "Hello!" MyHello offers proven social engagement methods using reminiscence.


Your Story is Your Legacy

Capture life stories without difficulty or delay. Share your own story or help a loved one now by asking the right questions. Sign up today!

Individuals & Families

Your Voice, Your Story

LifeBio was founded on the idea that everyone has a story to tell, and every story matters. We are proud to help people tell their stories with our LifeBio Memory app without difficulty or delay. LifeBio Memory gives intriguing question prompts to the Storyteller and audio records each person's voice and words.

As a lifetime member, all recordings and uploaded images will be kept safe in LifeBio’s HIPAA-compliant storage cloud. Once a Storyteller deems the story complete, whether they have answered 10 questions or 100, LifeBio provides the option to order a printed Life Story Book. Family and friends will have the Storyteller’s incredible legacy and cherished voice recordings. Click the icons below to download LifeBio Memory for free!

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What Makes LifeBio SpecialLifeBio allows people to use their voice to tell their own story. Our collection of story prompts are enjoyable and therapeutic. LifeBio Memory uses evidence-based reminiscence therapy methods to provide a sense of fulfillment and comfort to our storytellers. We are especially honored to help people living with mild cognitive impairment or dementia to ensure their stories are told without delay.

A young woman is smiling and holding a tablet using the LifeBio Memory app while her grandmother smiles and reminisces her life memories

In addition to LifeBio’s life story services, LifeBio has introduced MyHello, a loneliness prevention service which safely connects two people using ANY type of phone for weekly visits and social support. 


LifeBio and MyHello are both evidence-based solutions, and we are happy to share the research behind our work.

How LifeBio Began

LifeBio Founder, Beth Sanders, recalls interviewing her grandmother. Beth realized that she never knew her grandma as a whole person before that. LifeBio was developed as as simple way for people to capture life stories and get to know their loved ones on a deeper level.

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