Record Your Own Story or the Story of Your Amazing Family

Capture the voice of important people in your life without delay.

The LifeBio Memory app is perfect for…

  • Telling your own life story. There is no one else like you. The questions inside will prompt you. 
  • Capturing the voice and life stories of a loved one (or a patient, client, or resident). You can even order a book later!
  • Passing down precious memories and stories to future generations.
  • Keeping voice recordings safe with a full membership. Files are saved in LifeBio's secure storage system so you can listen again and again!

Get started in 2 easy steps: 

1. Download the App 

Download the LifeBio Memory app from the app store by searching “LifeBio Memory” or clicking the links below. Create your account!

2. Start Recording

Click on “Tell My Story.” Choose either “Start Here” for instant organized prompts (more than 200), or “Topics” if you already have a story in mind. It even "talks" to ask you the questions. Begin your 14-day free trial by downloading below to your phone or tablet. Don't delay!

I’ve answered some or all the questions. Now what?

After you’ve finished answering all the questions you desire, contact the Story Team at 937-303-4576 or 866-LIFEBIO or email to learn more about options. You may want to order one or more copies of your own or a loved one's edited Life Story Book! The recordings from the app are used to compile the book. 



Don't have a smart phone or tablet?

Would you prefer to type your story instead of voice recording your story?  You can register for a free 14-day trial for at this LINK.  OR purchase a LifeBio journal to handwrite your story.  

LifeBio leads family and individuals in recording their memories and life stories.

LifeBio has an option perfect for you. Let us help you find your best fit - from printed prompts in journals to our LifeBio Memory app to phone interviews and more.

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