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Implementing LifeBio demonstrates a strong commitment to innovation and building community.  By using life stories as a connector, residents build new friendships.  As care needs change, a resident’s LifeBio follows them, easing transitions across campus.  Life enrichment is enhanced with personalized activities geared specifically to one or more residents, based on background and preferences.  Research finds that participation in LifeBio increases happiness and satisfaction with life, which is vital to your overall wellness program. In a competitive marketplace, LifeBio shows prospective families and residents your community’s deeper commitment to person-centered care.  

In communities offering memory care, knowing a person’s background and preferences defuses difficult situations and lessens boredom and anxiety.  LifeBio helps understand the person’s life patterns and preferences, ensuring that direct care staff know the best approaches for relating to the resident and their care.  Care planning requires the life history and information on preferences and goals so LifeBio supports these requirements. During phone interviews, family members provide key biographical information to help your community deliver the best quality service for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia. 


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