Story Belongs in Care

The LifeBio Memory app captures the VOICE and preferences of each person.

Every person has a story to tell. 

  • LifeBio Memory asks the right questions to help individuals share what matters most--their stories, activities, interests, and care preferences.
  • Knowing the whole person makes a difference. In senior living, health care, or community-based programs, LifeBio Memory demonstrates a commitment to person-centered care, excellence in memory care and reminiscence therapy, and legacy creation. We help thousands of people share their memories, experiences, and preferences in their own VOICE. 
  • LifeBio Memory's HIPAA-compliant platform delivers data insights and business intelligence reporting on who people are to support life enrichment, service delivery, and care planning.
  • For workforce development and for community building, youth are connected with older adults.
  • Research supports our work and fidelity trial data found a reduction in depressive symptoms.
  • LifeBio utilizes voice recordings to create beautiful Life Story Books, Snapshots, and Action Plans too. License agreements cover the app, the materials, or both. What's best for you? Let's talk!

LifeBio Memory brings generations together to record stories and to support workforce development. We work with various types of health plans or providers. 

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