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LifeBio captures life stories in order to increase social engagement and forge new friendships between community members.

LifeBio captures life stories in order to increase social engagement and forge new friendships between community members. LifeBio’s programs fit naturally into community centers, libraries, genealogy groups, senior respite programs, and churches. Programs that offer services to participants on a daily or weekly basis can use LifeBio as a meaningful engagement tool. For example, people come together at the Optum Community Centers in the Phoenix area to take LifeBio 101 “Capture Your Story” classes.

LifeBio 101 is typically offered in groups and can be completed in eight weeks. Participants share personal memories as they write their own life stories. Virtual classes are available and can be led by LifeBio, or LifeBio can train someone from your organization to moderate the sessions.

Participants in a LifeBio 101 class will receive a printed copy of their own Life Story Book to keep. This creates opportunities for more meaningful conversation and engagement. Research finds that participation in LifeBio reduces loneliness and increases happiness and satisfaction with life, which is vital to overall wellness.

Community centers can help participants complete a life story by having them partner with a staff member or volunteer, who is trained by LifeBio to assist in the process. The LifeBio Memory app or a LifeBio Journal can be used for recording the story without delay. For participants who prefer to work individually, there are options to write their own life stories using one of our journals or online templates. If a participant is unable to answer questions on their own, a phone interview can be scheduled with a family member to gather the information.

In addition to our life story services, LifeBio powers MyHello, a phone-based social engagement program geared towards the aging population. We know there are some residents/patients that struggle more with social isolation than others. MyHello is a solution that provides weekly calls that provide meaningful engagement for those who are unable or prefer not to leave their rooms. MyHello is also a great tool for elders who may require more attention or individual interaction from staff. MyHello can be used by itself or in conjunction with our other LifeBio services. For more information about MyHello click here.

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