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Introducing LifeBio Memory


  • Easy to Use - The LifeBio Memory iOS/Android app starts dynamic story conversations to increase engagement. 
  • Competitive Edge - LifeBio Memory is an essential component of aging services, person-centered care, and excellence in memory care. 
  • Research-Based - LifeBio's proven life story methods and reminiscence therapy reduced depressive symptoms by 15% and increased efficiency and effectiveness of care staff. 
  • Rich Insights - Knowing more about each person's background and interests leads to individualized life enrichment and personalized ideas for care planning.



LifeBio Memory is the perfect chance to have a meaningful conversation, while getting to know a special person better. Individuals can also use LifeBio Memory to capture their own stories. LifeBio Memory works with organizations such as senior living communities, health systems, hospice, home care, and health plans. It is beneficial in providing quality person-centered care, based on an individual's experiences and preferences. LifeBio Memory enhances memory care. 

research based

LifeBio Memory is helping to save the beautiful voice of loved ones with an easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant platform. Recordings are processed and then used to build a Snapshot (summary) and an Action Plan (care planning document) behind the scenes. Additionally, an edited Life Story Book is an upgrade to consider purchasing (by organizations or families). A life story is a priceless legacy, and the book and summary materials are a gift that can be shared with loved ones for years to come.

LifeBio Memory can help nearly anyone share life stories. LifeBio Memory helps people with memory challenges or any cognitive abilities. It works on both iOS and Android devices, and it is powered by AI/Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. 

LifeBio Memory's reporting and business intelligence, also powered by AI, will also help organizations as they gather the stories of people in their care. Unique background information, likes, interests, and things people have in common will be more easily known. This will ultimately improve outcomes, quality of care, and quality of life. Social engagement through listening to the story will lead to effective person-centered care.  

LifeBio Memory is here!

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