LifeBio's reminiscence therapy touches ALL dimensions of wellness. That's why it cannot be ignored as a tool to use with people living at home, in senior living, assisted living, nursing homes, or with those who have memory challenges. Besides unlocking a fascinating story, it leads to an amazing opportunity for engagement.

Here is how LifeBio impacts wellness:  


  • Physical – Activate the hippocampus area of brain where memories are stored. "Autobiography for older adults is like chocolate for the brain," said Dr. Gene Cohen in a conversation with Beth Sanders, Founder of LifeBio
  • Spiritual – Deeply touches people as they share beliefs, values, life lessons, etc. 
  • Occupational – Gives people an important job to do--purpose and meaning result when a person has a chance to create a LEGACY. 
  • Emotional – Joys and challenges are recorded and shared.  LifeBio has been found to increase happiness and satisfaction with life.  “Get it off your chest.”    
  • Intellectual – Life stories help people learn about themselves and about other people.  Fascinating new knowledge and people learn to listen.
  • Social – People form new bonds with their neighbors and become friends through the power of story.  
    Want to start a storytelling project in your community? 

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