Take Advantage of LifeBio in All Areas of Campus
Reminiscence Therapy increases happiness and satisfaction with life, as evidence from LifeBio's study with Iowa State University proved. LifeBio also increases feelings of purpose and meaning. Interestingly, a recent Harvard study found that increased purpose reduces hospitalizations. Lessening loneliness also has major health benefits.

Here are ways that LifeBio adapts to various areas:  

SKILLED NURSING - Do you wish you had more volunteers engaged with your residents? College students are getting credit at Youngstown State University for working with residents at Park Vista, an Ohio Living community. This next semester over 30 students will be engaged there!    VOLUNTEERS ENGAGED IN REMINISCENCE THERAPY

Person-Centered Care Planning (483.21) – LifeBio’s 1-page profiles (Life Story Summaries) become the first page of the care plan, while increasing respect and dignity (Resident Rights 483.10). The "Story" belongs in the EHR, and LifeBio makes sure this is rich, accurate, and complete. Our Story Team ensures a professional, finished bio for each participant for photos and stories. For memory care, the new behavioral health regulation (483.40) is specific to personalizing care for people with dementia, while reducing drug use.    

MEMORY CARE - LifeBio's Personal Biographers interview family members of your memory care residents by phone (a permission/referral form is signed to initiate this). We spend approximately 45 minutes digging in to learn the deeper information about the person's school, work, family, accomplishments, and more. Personalize care plans by knowing more about the person's past likes and interests, while understanding more to reduce stress and misunderstandings. Nursing staff can SEE and USE the 1-page Life Story Summary in a beautiful and professional way, and the resident receives their own Life Story Book. Deliver on brand promises to deeply know each person's background and unique life story.  MemoryBio is also provided as a photo-based way (200 photos and simple questions) to engage people with dementia. 

ASSISTED LIVING - Whether it is a phone interview with one of LifeBio's Personal Biographers or a small group LifeBio class, assisted living residents love Reminiscence Therapy, telling their amazing life stories, and creating a lasting legacy. This is an excellent time to learn more about neighbors and become closer friends.  Check out the results from St. John's in Rochester, New York! Notice that they open up their LifeBio class to the community at large!  125 PEOPLE HAVE TAKEN THE CLASS SO FAR! READ MORE 

INDEPENDENT LIVING / WELLNESS INITIATIVES - Tech savvy independent living residents are setting up their own LifeBio web/app accounts as a result of the LifeBio program and working independently on their own stories (video recording in the iOS app).  In some communities, 6-12 week LifeBio 101 classes "kickstart" the biography process and build relationships, like a current engaging, fascinating class happening at Moorings Park in Naples, Florida. After the group class, LifeBio's Story Team works with the community and resident to FINISH the person's Life Story Book in a beautiful and professional way.  

Reminiscence Therapy supports ALL dimensions of wellbeing, especially emotional, vocational, intellectual, social, and spiritual wellbeing. 

In campuses with multiple areas of care, it makes sense to have the story FOLLOW the person through the years, making new memories as each day is a new adventure! 

Love to connect!  Please call LifeBio at 937-303-4576 or email info@lifebio.com.  Ready to bring LifeBio to your community/organization?