Storytelling is powerful and it is natural. Why should it be encouraged?  Because it is also good for people's health and sense of wellbeing.  

Here is how LifeBio sees reminiscence touching ALL dimensions of wellness, and why it cannot be ignored as a tool to use with seniors at home, in senior living, assisted living, nursing homes, or with those who have memory challenges. Besides unlocking a fascinating story, it leads to an amazing opportunity for engagement.

  • Physical – Activate the hippocampus area of brain where memories are stored. "Autobiography for older adults is like chocolate for the brain," said Dr. Gene Cohen in a conversation with Beth Sanders, Founder of LifeBio
  • Spiritual – Deeply touch people as they share beliefs, values, life lessons, etc. 
  • Occupational – This gives people an important job to do. Creating a LEGACY. 
  • Emotional – Joys and challenges are recorded and shared.  LifeBio has been found to increase happiness and satisfaction with life.  “Get it off your chest.”   
  • Environmental -  Life stories build a strong sense of community. 
  • Intellectual – Life stories help people learn about themselves and about other people.  Fascinating new knowledge and people learn to listen.
  • Social –  People form new bonds with their neighbors and become friends through the power of story.  
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