LifeBio uses Reminiscence Methods ("RM") to connect, engage, and enrich lives. Reminiscence Methods are appropriate for people of all ages and levels of cognitive function when tailored to their specific needs. Reminiscence Methods are most commonly used with seniors and is “the discussion of past activities, events and experiences with another person or group of people, usually with the aid of tangible prompts such as photographs, household and other familiar items from the past, music and archive sound recordings”. [1]  RM use prompts to find common ground and make connections between individuals who may or may not have cognitive deficits.

Research shows Reminiscence Methods to be effective in improving mood in older people without dementia. For people with dementia, improvement is statistically significant for cognition, mood, and general behavioral function. When caregivers participate in RM groups with their loved one, caregiver strain is greatly reduced. Staff knowledge of backgrounds grows, and there are no harmful effects.[2]
Reminiscence is about making connections and celebrating individuality. The process of sharing one’s personal history is invaluable to individuals, communities, and families. Working together on a life story draws families closer together, and the finished product becomes both an heirloom and a toolkit. Stories preserved from our own past tell us who we are and where we came from, and provide priceless cues to personhood. These clues may be the only way to truly connect and provide comfort in later life.
LifeBio makes the reminiscence process simple. We offer a variety of life story products, including the About Me Booklet, our exclusive LifeBio Snapshot, the LifeBio Story Guide, the Veteran’s Story GuideMemory Journal, What's Your Story Cards, as well as our website, app, and full service book printing. Contact us at 1-937-303-4576 or to get started today!