For a long time, LifeBio had a longer biography process with up to 250 questions. But over time people asked us, "What are some key questions I could ask" my mother, my father, my grandmother, my grandfather, or other people in my life?

So LifeBio created the online "Life Story Guide" that helps ask just the right 20 questions.  If you sign up for LifeBio, you can ask these 20 questions and record the answers.  Go to and after you sign up, go into the "Chapters" section and you'll find the Life Story Guide. 

Just get started asking the right questions and you'll see that this process will bring out the BEST stories.  After that works out, you may want to continue forward with a biography or use LifeBio for journaling or to capture other family stories. 

One more note...  The Life Story Guide is also made in a journal format -- with matching questions to the online process.   So it makes a great gift -- the gift of a lasting legacy!