Here are three great gift ideas for seniors:

1) A Membership allows seniors or their family members to have a step-by-step process to record life stories.  You can even use it with people who are experiencing memory loss -- to capture what matters most before it is too late.

2) A Memory Journal is a beautiful hardcover book that can be provided to your family member.  We've also provided these to financial advisors or estate attorneys to give to their most valued clients.  These retail for $19.95 (plus S&H) but there are bulk discounts available.

3) Let LifeBio do the work!  LifeBio will interview ANYONE over the phone. We spend about 90 minutes speaking with your family member, loved one, or client using LifeBio's carefully-crafted approach.  We send a beautiful folder containing multiple copies of the written life story. The audio recordings by phone are also provided on a USB drive.   Call 866-LIFEBIO or 937-303-4576 to learn more. 

For all the gift options above, please contact us at   or learn more by visiting    -- thank you!