Learned a lot this week at the ASA conference and met some interesting organizations and people I thought I would share.

http://www.ecarediary.com/ provides free tools, resources, and community to help manage long term care.
http://www.wellcore.com/ provides automatic fall detection, emergency response, and activity monitoring -- all in one system.
http://www.firststreetonline.com/ provides an incredible catalog of products for Boomers and beyond. Unique products for older people's needs.
http://www.rebuildingtogether.org/ - amazing non-profit that retrofits older adult's homes. Like Habitat for Humanity but focused on helping low income, older people to stay in their homes. Amazing!

The conference was very focused on caregiving this year. Gail Sheehy did an amazing job and she has a new book, Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence http://www.gailsheehy.com/