1. You may not think anyone wants to know your life story. Sometimes, when I look back on my life I think, "Wow. I was so boring." We have to stop looking at ourselves negatively and start thinking about the fact that future generations will want to know about us. We've lived in a time that some people, especially teenagers, can't even imagine. What was life like before cell phones? You mean people actually talked to each other? However boring you think your life is, it will be endlessly fascinating to so many people, especially your children or grandchildren. You'll be surprised at how many people want to hear about the younger you.

2. You may think you'll do it someday-procrastination is not a good idea. Over the years, I've thought I was going to do a lot of things. I was going to ride in a hot air balloon, travel the country, and ride a horse into the sunset. Did I ever do any of those things? No. Do I regret them? Yes. Capturing your loved one's life stories may not seem important, but it is infinitely more important than you know. Yes, people have jobs and obligations, but make time for this activity. We don't live forever, so do it before it's too late.

3. You may think you have nothing to say. It may not seem like it from your perspective, but you do have something to say. With a little prompting and structured questions, you can pour out your wisdom and guidance for generations to come. You may be able to share insight into things no one has ever really thought about it. Each and every one of us is a creative individual with something new to say. Maybe your life stories can help someone else get through theirs.

4. You may think your family already knows you. Of course your family knows you! They know the person you are right this very second in time. But what about before? What about when you were growing up? Do they know about how you met the love of your life? What you did for your first job? Do they know your feelings and thoughts when they were first born? They probably don't. Your family will be so excited to learn about your life and the events that shaped you to be who you are today.

5. You may think that you're not a good writer. It doesn't matter if you haven't written the next Harry Potter series. Do what you can. If you can answer a question, you can write down your life stories. You don't have to sound eloquent and formal- your family will appreciate the natural sound of your "voice" coming through. Lifebio has tools that can help make the process easy and enjoyable. Just get it down on paper! Your life story will last for generations to come.

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