1) You cannot do it all, nor should you try. With a workforce crisis happening in some places in senior living, hospice, or health care, outsourcing things that a partner can help you with is critical. A good partner is a constant even when, internally, staff members change.

2) Delivering on your brand promise to KNOW people and to deliver person-centered care matters. It takes partners that understand this too. The life story and preferences captured can’t get any more person-centered.   

3) A true partner understands the importance of the details. A personal history or legacy must be safely stored, made available in an easy-to-use way for professional caregivers/clinicians, and it should be beautiful and a gift to residents, clients, or patients----and their families.

4) Partners help you make care easier. We know you see the greatest pain in knowing people when people move into memory care. Just know that we see that it makes a lot of sense to get started when people are living independently or receiving just some assistance. If they can record their own story, it makes the information better during years of ongoing care.

5) A good partner suggests NEW ideas and helps keep things NOT boring and provides new innovations. Family members don’t want to hear that their loved one is bored, and they also need something to do when the very ACTIVE families come to visit. There is nothing more fascinating than another human being and we can say that there are NO boring life stories. Something in that story is remarkable!

6) A partner differentiates your service and care and helps you compete in the marketplace. It's important that an amenity like LifeBio is offered as part of your outreach and marketing strategy. 

7) A partner provides alternative ways of doing things to suit the customer and the family needs. For example, even if there is the amazing LifeBio Memory app, there is also ways that the story can be captured by phone or even still in writing. A partner LISTENS, learns, and adapts to your needs.

Please get in touch if we can become an excellent partner to help you achieve your goals. It would be our honor. Ready to serve! Reach LifeBio at 937-303-4576 or email info@lifebio.com




Stories are captured with the LifeBio Memory life story app to record the voice. Next, LifeBio processes the recordings and delivers Life Story Books. Snapshots and Action Plans, our summary materials, are a great option too!  Let's get started!