Dear __________________, (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sue, Uncle Bill or another loved one)

All I want for Christmas is your life story recorded.

I always want to be able to read your book and know that important things have been recorded. I know this is a priceless gift and it's something that only YOU can give me. Now, when I say your life story, I mean that I want you to share....

• your memories from childhood (even little details like your best friend, favorite toy, game, food, radio/TV program, etc.).

• historical events and how they affected you and our family.

• heirlooms that mean a lot to you and WHY they mean a lot.

• those funny stories you always tell me when we're talking on the phone.

• our family history (not just genealogy but what makes our family tick). Also, I can't remember that one important fact about our family that I wish I had written down by now.

• what a day was like when you were a kid.

• what great-grandpa liked to do.

• the names of the people in the photo album that I don't know.

• what hopes and dreams you have for the future.

Also, could you talk about ME. What was it like when you held me for the first time? What funny things did I do or say when I was a kid? Do you have any words of advice for me? These things don't come up in normal conversation most of the time. Yes, I'd really appreciate it if you'd write an autobiography about YOU. That's the book I want the most. If it is recorded, it won't be lost or forgotten. Thank for giving me a priceless gift.