Congratulations to Pam Hamburg-Robbins from Westminster, Maryland!

She guessed Dalmatian and that's the name of our kitty!

Pam writes...

"Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!! I really won?!? That's wonderful! I had gone to the 101 Dalmations movie site and started goofing around there early this am. It just popped in my head. Such a big name for such a bitty kitty;) But it makes sense, really, since she's a b/w cali cat. This is so cooooool...I rarely win anything!"

"Yes, I enjoyed that contest very much! I love stuff like that. Word games, guessing games, puzzles, etc. Plus I am a three-kitty owner: Natasha (Tashi), Mr. Coale (or King Coale, if you please!), and Ravyn (aka "Squeaky")."

The clues explanation:
Hint #1: Disney Movie: Disney Movie. 101 Dalmatians or 102 Dalmatians.
Hint #2: The vet was surprised when we brought our cat in for the first time. We think he believed we were bring in a dalmatian dog.
Hint #3: Boots and hoses. Dalmatians used to be used to guard, or keep watch over the firehouse equipment.
Who is watching the horses? Dalmatians were used to keep the horses, that pulled the fire wagons calm during fires.
Hint #4: Greater than a 100. From 101 or 102 dalmatians.
Hint #5: Firehouse dog. A dalmatian was a firehouse watch dog.