Why do people do it? Why are thousands of people capturing their life stories right now? Why are they recording it for all time so it won’t be lost or forgotten?Are they thinking they are famous so they deserve it? Are they thinking that they’d like to have their name remembered for all time? What’s really going on here in the personal history trend that is exploding across America and around the world?

I would say that it’s definitely not about the fame. It’s not about being remembered for all time. For the wonderful people I know using LifeBio and the Memory Journal to share memories and experiences, it’s really about wanting to be sure that children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren know what really matters most.

So what does matter most? And how do we say it?

It’s about the people in one’s life. Many people are savoring the opportunity to capture what they remember about the generations who came before them. They want to not just tell their own story, but the story of people who never had the chance to tell their own. Their parents or grandparents lived through tough times and persevered nonetheless. One LifeBio writer said that the process reminded her of all the love she had experienced in her life from her parents and grandparents.

It’s about saying, "If I did it, so can you." We all know people in our families who have lived through very difficult and complicated times. They have been affected by the Depression, wars, the civil rights movement, and just the everyday trials of daily life. It’s helpful and inspiring to know that, despite difficulties, they persevered and made it through. With their strength and inspiration, we can make it too.

It’s also about giving advice and passing on values. People recording their life stories have a chance to answer challenging questions that help them share things like get a good education, follow your faith, work hard, and keep your commitments. Plus, people’s words of love to their families practically jump off the page.

It’s about a journey of self discovery. Where have you come from? What have you learned? What’s next in your life? We see the "big picture" when we look back and reflect. This helps clarify where we’re going next and helps to direct our path.

Are life stories a priceless gift? Certainly they are. They teach younger generations to walk in our shoes and have empathy plus they get some inspiration and advice along the way. People who write their stories can see What’s next? in life’s journey by examining their past and present story in clear view.

So there is probably someone in your family or another loved one that needs to tell their story. There’s no time like the present and no better, more priceless gift to the future.