Every person should have the chance to write a book! Libraries are an ideal place to offer autobiography writing classes. Regardless of someone's age, there are people, times, and places to share...plus the library is great place for friendships to form. Although autobiography classes are usually most appealing to those over 50 or seniors, there is no reason why a library wouldn't be able to include adults of any age in a course to capture life stories. An autobiography class in a library for seniors or all ages should include a great ice breaker, opportunities for people to tell and share stories, and it shouldn't be overly complicated or intimidating. In other words, even people who consider themselves non-writers should be able to participate.

Ideally, the autobiography class will focus on general life experiences, parents/grandparents or other loved ones, childhood memories, love, marriage, jobs and careers, life lessons, values, and wisdom. There can also be a celebration at the end of the course to share the autobiographies written (or at least started) with the class participants and even family and friends. The living history of a community can be captured in such a class, and it would be fantastic if the library even offered the opportunity to archive the class participants' stories or at least a summary of the writings, in some way, in the local library. Present and future generations will be grateful to know the identity and essence of people -- not just their genealogy records. Also, the new connection and friendships from such an autobiography writing group cannot be underestimated.

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