What do you consider important to pass along to your children and grandchildren? What will you want people to remember about you and the family members who came before you?

You have beliefs, values, life lessons, exciting experiences, and everyday life that you can share. Not only can you share about your own life; you can pass along whatever you remember about your parents and grandparents (people your children/grandchildren will never really know). 

But will you create a lasting legacy? How will you create a lasting legacy? Do you see it as valuable? Do you see it as priceless?

Every day someone says to me, "I wish I had captured the life stories of  __________ (insert mother, father, grandmother, grandfather) before it was too late." OR "I wish my mother had recorded her memories for me." Why keep the next generation wondering and wishing? Why should these regrets happen? Why not just take even one hour to begin writing down your life. Or grab a tape recorder or turn on a video camera.

Somehow, some way the story can and should be recorded--especially if you know that your children or grandchildren are begging for a lasting legacy. Especially if they really want to always cherish your stories and memories. It is truly a priceless gift and you are the only one who can give it. It's time to tell your story.

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