If you've been debating some new and creative marketing ideas for your financial advisor practice, we'd like to suggest a few options that will appeal to older adults and their family members.

1) Sponsor LifeBio at your local Senior Living Community, Nursing Home, or Hospital:  LifeBio is a program that helps people capture life stories and preserve memories. It is simple and affordable to bring LifeBio to your local area... "LifeBio brought to you by YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME HERE."  That's an outside the box idea!

2) Inexpensive, Legacy Gifts -- You can provide the Life Story Guide or Veteran's Story Guide or Life Story Journal or Memory Journal to your clients.   All of these Legacy capturing books are priced under $20.  Make it clear that you think your clients' family legacy is as important as their financial legacy. 

3) Special Events -- Your practice can become "LifeBio Authorized" and you'll be provided with the training and material to offer LifeBio events in your local area---with prepared presentations that will help you make the point that EVERYONE has a story to tell and that LEGACY really does matter.   Also, consider the impact you can have on your clients' as you give them the opportunity to access LifeBio.com to create their own online autobiography -- or to create the biography of a loved one.  

These are just a few great ideas to consider....just call us at 937-303-4576 or email info@lifebio.com to brainstorm or to get started today.