I appreciated this note that I received from a woman who just ordered hardcover Legacy Books after typing in her father's memories at http://www.lifebio.com/.

Thank you so much for getting Dad's books to him. He got them yesterday and is very pleased with them. I asked him how he felt about writing it and he told me he just answered the questions I had sent him and he said "I sometimes felt I was bragging cause I'm just an average guy." He thinks the program is a nice thing and he wishes he would of recorded the stories his parents/grandparents had told him. His wife had a grandmother that lived in Russia during the Russian Revolution and she told her many stories when she was very young and now they are lost because she can't remember them. She, too, finds your program valuable and wishes her grandmother's story could have been recorded for the future generations of her family.

I love your LifeBio Program because it offers a few different options for people... It is a way for grandchildren to get to know members of their family they may not of met or even to see Grandma/Grandpa in a different light. Sometimes we forget that they weren't always old. I wish more people would do it with their parents because it really is a good way to bond with them. It was an honor for me to have my dad share his story with me. I really think it brought us even closer. Thank you for a wonderful way to record my dad's story for future generations of our family so they will not forget and to remind us that we all have a story to tell that makes us unique and not just another 'average guy'.

Barb Haak