If you are seeking excellent activities and curriculum for memory care, LifeBio provides a methodology for people to reminisce using the MemoryBio system (either on the web or via the "MemoryBio Photo Album"). Answers to questions and comments made are recorded in the MemoryBio Journal which can document one person's answers or a group of people's answers.

The Storyboards are excellent for creating a visual display of someone's life. The Story Cards are ideal for families who come to visit and need a STRUCTURE for visiting. 

For organizations with access to technology via an Ipad or PCs or laptops, LifeBio's online system makes it easy for activities staff to create biographies with even 10 or 20 questions.  No cutting or pasting or scrapbooking required...as LifeBio instantly creates finished, ready to print PDFs with stories, memories, and pictures.

info@lifebio.com or 937-303-4576