Mark Willaman did a great job summarizing a panel I was on today at the ASA Conference.
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Mary Furlong encouraged us all to embrace the incredible opportunities for developing products and services for the aging population. The growth of social media and low startup costs make this the perfect time to begin or expand. She encouraged people to attend Friday's Boomer Summit to learn a lot more about the market opportunities.

Here'sĀ some great entrepreneurship adviceĀ from Mark Willaman from

  • Be patient and think long term.
  • Buy time by outsourcing tasks.
  • Win with "B" players. You'll have better retention if you offer a flexible and virtual workplace.
  • On partnerships, do a few and work them hard.
  • Scalability - always look for annuity cash flow.
  • Manage worry--it's a silent killer of businesses
  • Go for it!