Ethical wills have been in the news lately. Recent news stories in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Fort Myers News Press, and the Naples Daily News describe the importance of an ethical will and different ways of accomplishing the goal of writing down values and beliefs....the treasures of the heart NOT just monetary treasures.

The Ethical Will Kit from LifeBio provides excellent sentence starters to help people with writing an ethical will without too much time or trouble. Obviously, you've got to think about what matters most to you, but the ethical will kit's template approach (similar to LifeBio's autobiography template) makes it easier by walking people through appropriate topics to write about (without having to read a lengthy book or taking a class or something).

There is no one else like YOU and your values and beliefs matter. Writing an ethical will has the power to open doors of new conversation with your family and friends. I would recommend that your ethical will be shared with your loved ones while you are living so people can ask questions and inquire about different things that happened in your past that shaped your opinions, values, and beliefs. Life is a good teacher and you've learned a thing or two along the way. We're all getting older and wiser. But regardless of age, there is peace in knowing that you've passed along the essence of who you are to your children and grandchildren. Every day is a gift so there's no sense in waiting to create an ethical will.

How to write an ethical will