When you gather this Spring with family and friends, treasure those stories shared around the dinner table.

You may also want to consider interviewing your parents or grandparents. Ask them to share a key lesson they learned from their father or mother. Invite them to describe their town, neighborhood or their childhood home environment. What is the best part of their day? Do they have a bucket list--unfulfilled dreams they would like to pursue without delay?

If you don't ask, no one may ever know. If you don't take the time to record the answers, their life's adventures and amazing experiences may be lost to everyone.

Many times families are just left with a blank memory book because no one took the time to ask the questions. Taking the time to capture and record life stories enriches the giver and the receiver, as well as future generations.

There's still time to order a Memory Journal or a LifeBio.com gift certificate for your use during an upcoming family gathering.