Is your family reunion coming up soon? Family reunions can be a confusing and hectic mess. How is this person related to me? Do I know you? What side are you on? Here are some tools for bringing the generations together:

1. Print out or write questions to answer. Lifebio has great questions that can really get a conversation started! Have fun, and use these questions to get to know each other. Give prizes to people who have the most interesting life stories!

2. Bring your Ipad and start a LifeBio on grandma, grandpa, your great uncle, or your Aunt Betty.  Just create a new account and you'll have the best questions at your fingertips, and have a way to input them. Be creative! Have people participate and see how well they know the person you're interviewing.LifeBio Membership

3.  Make a Storyboard display about the oldest members of your family to show at the event.  The board is pretty to begin with---so it will take no time at all to pop on some old pictures and a few brief facts about the person. Make a family tree while you're at it! Have everyone add their own branch and decorate it themselves.LifeBio Storyboard  

Enjoy the good food and the good times together--but cherish those life stories and those unique people as well.