My daughter ran in a cross country race this weekend. I was there cheering her on, but I noticed that her face said something was wrong. She wasn't physically in pain, yet something wasn't quite right. I kept cheering away from four different locations around the course. She finished the race with her personal record

-- 22:09. Twenty two minutes and nine seconds in a 3.1 race. A very good time for sure! When she finished, she told me to look at her feet. There it was -- one red sneaker on one foot and one light green sock on the other. On the first turn of the race, another racer had stepped on the back of her sneaker by mistake and it came off. She had run at least 2.5 miles with just one shoe on. In fact, during the race, she had passed her shoe three times, but she didn't slow down or stop to pick it up. She just kept running. She didn't miss a beat. Nothing stopped her from reaching her goal. That's my girl!