This Sunday, millions of families will gather to celebrate the love and devotion of mothers. Whether you plan to go to brunch, cook a special dinner, attend a church service, or just stop by for a visit, use this opportunity to engage your mother in meaningful conversation and truly get to know her for who she is.

While you may think you know your mother, chances are you may only know the "mom" side of her. Do you know what your mother's favorite hobby was as a child? What legacy would your mother like to leave for her loved ones? Wha'ts your mother's fondest memory? Where is your mother's favorite travel destination, and why? This year, rather than giving your mother flowers that will quickly wilt, or jewelry that she may or may not wear, why not give her the gift of cherished memories that will last a lifetime?

The new LifeBio Memory Gift Box includes The Memory Journal, The Story of My Treasures book (capture stories about favorite keepsakes), Story Card Questions to prompt memories right out of the box, a beautiful LifeBio pen, and a Membership. The Web membership enables the easy transfer of answers from the Memory Journal to LifeBio's online autobiography template. You can even collaborate with family members from afar to capture stories and experiences. Don't wait another day to capture those priceless memories.