It seems that as people get older (or maybe not so old!) they start to realize that they really don't want anything for Christmas. When people ask me what I want for the upcoming holidays, I look at them blankly. Do I really want the latest iPhone? Or the latest technology? Do I really need a new food processor? No, of course not. In the United States, we want for nothing. What do you give someone when they really don't need anything?

Consider the gift of Lifebio. They can type their memories and amazing stories into our program online, or you can interview them yourself, thousands of miles away, and still be able to type in their responses.
Or, if they're a more hands-on person, give them another approach. The Memory Journal asks hundreds of great questions and they can write their answers straight in the book.

When hundreds of Americans have never written down their life story, this is a great gift to give- before it's too late and their stories are lost forever! This Christmas, think outside the box: Give your loved ones the gift of memory. This is a unique gift for that person who has everything!

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