That's the question I asked myself. I started by asking my mother about the stories that my grandmother always shared so I could start my interview off in a good way. I asked about her childhood and heard about the first time she tasted a new thing called Jello and the first time she saw an airplane. She told me about HER grandmother and her parents. I felt a new connection with these older generations in my family

--we had a love of education and our faith in common.  Grandma shared details about the work she did in her life and the things she learned through the years.  What really happened was that my grandma became a WHOLE person that day--she was a lot like me...just older.  It was an eye-opening experience and I would recommend that anyone consider interviewing your grandmother or another older loved one.  You just don't know what you don't know.

Need help with the process and the right biography questions to ask?